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Pepe Toriello

Helping companies (law firms included) implement legaltech tools in their operation and to develop content marketing strategies for lawyers.

Have you ever wondered...
*Which are the legaltech softwares that will help me the most?
*How can I implement valid e-signatures in my company?
*How can I implement efficient marketing strategies for my law firm?
*How can I publish articles that are relevant to my niche market?

Then you definitively want to check, where you'll find information on the trending legaltech softwares and proven content marketing strategies that will help you increase your exposure in your niche market.

About Pepe Toriello

I'm Pepe Toriello, founder of Red de Firmas.

I'm a lawyer with OCD that helps other lawyers implement legaltech tools to deliver a better client service and to develop content marketing strategies to bring new clients.

I became aware of the lack of technology implemented by law firms of every size and location, since the first day I started working as a junior associate.

Lawyers worldwide still work with Windows 95 tools, which makes them work very slow. It has become normal to work until 11:00pm and to take pills to manage stress.

Scaling up an online business has taught me to go out of the building and sell. There is no clear path for bonuses or to become a partner, but something for sure is that you have to bring more clients = more money.

Rule #1 for selling that lawyers must understand is that "customers don't care about you or your services. They care about themselves, their wants and their needs."

Content marketing is about creating information that helps your customers solve their problems and to discover (on their own) that you are the best lawyer in your field. Then use social media to get your message across and build awareness.

If you're related to any of the above, please send me and email and let me know what would you do to improve my recommendations. 

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