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About OurCrowd:
OurCrowd is a hybrid VC-crowdfunding platform. Founded by Jon Medved, serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, OurCrowd enables people around the world to invest in the best early stage companies in Israel alongside an experienced team of investment professionals, bringing the opportunities in Israel’s Start-Up Nation to a broader base of investors than ever before.

We’re a team of serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and successful businesspeople with an aggregate of 150 years of experience. We are dedicated to making startup investing accessible, transparent, and simple for all accredited investors.


OurCrowd members are individuals from over 9 countries who are interested in learning about and investing in early stage companies from Israel and around the world. Membership does not require any investment, but individuals must meet the accreditation criteria in their country of residence.

As of August 2013, OurCrowd members have invested over $18M in 22 early stage companies, and have participated in events in Israel, the UK, Norway, South Africa, Australia, and the US.

Become an OurCrowd member today by accrediting online.

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