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Na Gaeil Chicago

Na Gaeil has introduced thousands in greater Chicago to the Irish language--you sometimes hear it called "Gaelic"--since the 1980s. We offer multiple class levels on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings at the Irish American Heritage Center.


Our students choose to learn Irish for reasons as varied as the backgrounds from which they come. Some enjoy Irish literature, music, or singing, and others want to deepen their Irish roots. Some have parents or grandparents who spoke Irish, while others are linguists, hoping to add to their knowledge of world languages.


Get notified about upcoming Irish language classes and events by writing to


✶ ✶ ✶ About Fall 2019 Registration ✶ ✶ ✶


Register for your class by level (Beginning or Intermediate/Advanced) and day of the week (Saturday or Wednesday).  Don't worry, you can change your level midstream if want, and you can adjust your day of the week temporarily or permanently if you need to.


When you've chosen your class, select the "New Student" ticket if you have never taken a paid Na Gaeil class, or "Returning Student" if you have.


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