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Monarch Connections

I believe that life is empty without people making the best connections.


The things that give me joy in life and business are relationships, transformation and connecting people. I’m passionate about helping smart, creative individuals make the impact they want to make in life, social interactions and dating relationships. These things can be overwhelming, but you can trust Monarch Connections. I get to learn all I can about #Relationshipgoals and social skills so I can be the best possible resource to you. Let’s just say I burst with joy around topics like these things so you don’t have to!

Why I'm here:

Former shy kid turned extreme extrovert | Internationally minded |
B.A. Community Studies & Minor in Psychology | Online Business Owner for 5 years |
Globally connecting people since 2004| Trusted Leader |
Event Coordinator with Living Social | Volunteer with Charity:Water |
4 Years of membership at Epiphany Fellowship| 1 Year of Membership at RECPhilly|
Founder of Adoptee Talk

Do you want to find what’s missing? Let’s do it together!

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