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Hi there - my name is Krysta Bea Jackson and I'm the founder of Sugar Love Chocolates. I have lived in the world of good food from my earliest memories in my mom's restaurant. I quickly learned that good food has got to be the best way to bring joy and show love. Yes, my family is from the south, how did you know? And if you hear me talk, you'll know I was raised on the west coast - man what I'd give for a southern accent!
For several years I worked in a great retail and manufacturing chocolate business where I fell in love with the magic and chemistry of chocolate and candy. Then somehow my adorable dogs distracted me into opening a pet services business. After four years I was able to sell that company to my largest competitor in the area and now I've got the free time to dedicate to spreading the Sugar Love!

You can connect with me personally on Twitter @krystabjackson and check in on my personal blog as well at

I'm a proud member of one of the oldest chocolatier's groups in America, Retail Confectioners International!

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