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GROW will act as a public forum, teaching tool and creative laboratory for ecological and social sustainability practices. The objective of this program is to explore Vancouver’s expanding identity as a sustainable city through the site of SEFC.  Through a series of walks, workshops, lectures and creative experiments in urban agriculture, Grow will engage creative practitioners, interest groups and local community members in urban agriculture activities that will improve local food security, build local knowledge, and provide inventive solutions for growing food in the urban environment.

Other Sights for Artist’s Projects

Grow is presented by Other Sights for Artist’s projects.  Other Sights is dedicated to challenging perceptions, encouraging discourse and promoting individual perspectives about shared social spaces. A non-profit society, Other Sights seeks to create a presence for art in spaces and sites that are accessible to a broad public, such as the built environment, communications technologies, the media, and the street. Other Sights provides critically rigorous work for highly visible locations. We collaborate and share resources with organizations and individuals in order to present projects that consider the aesthetic, economic and regulatory conditions of public places and public life.

To learn more about Other Sights visit our website. 

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