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GoodPeople is a global collective with diverse roots; ranging from the back bowls of Vail and the waves of NorCal, to the streets of Buenos Aires. Whether at your favorite local spot or some remote destination, we are easily recognizable with our fresh goggle tans, salty hair, beat up shoes, and shit eating grins. We strive everyday to get outside of our comfort zone and push our limits. Just like you, we each took our own path to get here and somehow, we all arrived. GoodPeople is a reflection of the lives we live and the kick ass communities that make them possible. 

We are an inclusive community, although sometimes it might not seem like it. We believe the journey is the destination. We take risks. We are the kid who skates every day and the parent just learning to snowboard who falls getting off the lift. We are misfits, freaks, and jokesters who are always pushing each other to go bigger, faster, farther. We strive to be the change we want to see in the world. Let’s face it, we are different. Sometimes we make mistakes. We may not always be right, and we are certainly not perfect, but we are all GoodPeople. 

This movement did not start with us, and we don’t claim to be the first. It started when you caught your first wave. It started with your first kickflip. It started with your first cliff drop on a deep pow day. Maybe it even started with your first steps or when you learned to ride a bicycle. We are sure you know a lot of GoodPeople, you are GoodPeople. This is the place to share, progress, motivate, explore, and celebrate the amazing lives we live.

GoodPeople does not measure success in dollar signs. We see happy, healthy people following their passions and giving back to their communities as an indicator of our success. We support sustainable businesses, nonprofits, and a healthy environment. This is the place to share that special part of you the world needs to know about. It is a place where you will be heard. It is a place to meet people like you who embrace this active lifestyle and live the GoodLife.

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Instagram: @GoodPeopleLife

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