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An Osteopath, Body McGyver, at-home Researcher, Artist and Overgrown Child.

I am a physician who believes patients are my equals. They are the real-life heroes. I may McGyver bodies but everyday people are just as powerful as doctors in their journey with their bodies. ow I do know this is true? I see and live it everyday. The knowledge library to feeling good is not just for the privileged few. Body wisdom is ingrained in all of us.

I barely escaped communist China at 7 years old at the tail end of the Cultural Revolution and learned English from watching Sesame Street. The inspiration for getting into medicine was born when I lived with my grandmother who had stomach cancer.

Although the inspiration was my grandmother, the manner in which I "do" medicine is driven from realizing it wasn't enough. In short, medicine has failed me. It wasn't able to "fix" a knee injury falling off a ski lift. It wasn't able to fix the Lyme disease I acquired during my honeymoon in Australia. I had to take matters into my own hands. I tapped into my heritage where we live by the principle that life regenerates and recovers in a state that is an improvement to what it was before. Once I saw this gap, I've been on a path to close it.

I found (perhaps they all found me) acupuncture, cupping, nutrition, access bars and innerwise. Like McGyver and all his tools, I use all of them alongside my traditional osteopathic medical training. These have allowed me to become a conduit to the path to wellness. I assist in the re-activating of this innate wisdom that lies in all of us.

In my free time, I'll likely be found playing games and arguing with my 5 year old nephew named Colt, or on the verge of blowing up an experiment or watching an X-Men movie.


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