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Fashion industry has been off-balance for years now, and it all started when the term “Prêt-à-Porter” or “Ready-to-Wear” emerged in the end of the 19th century, the time when clothing manufacturing became to scale dramatically with the increase of cheap labor thanks to mass immigration to the US and the rise of department stores. “Ready-to-Wear” means factory-made clothing, sold in finished condition and in standardized sizes, the polar opposite of the way fashion has been made since the beginning of time, “Haute couture” — made to measure or bespoke garment creation. The gigantic growth and domination of ready-to-wear in the last century have made our industry 2nd polluting industry in the world, after oil. Clearly, this industry is out of balance and the huge changes need to happen in order to rebalance it and bring it to the next level if we want to save our Planet and live longer and healthier lives. Whether it’s reducing carbon footprint, recycling old clothing, or offering on-demand, made-to-measure manufacturing to avoid overproduction — adjusting business models would be crucial for fashion business to ascend to the next level for the sake of the industry transformation.

The events that we organize focus on just that: re-balancing fashion. And I strongly believe that using technology in a meaningful way will help us reach that balance. That is why I invite fashion tech startup founders to speak about their visions of the future of our industry and educate my fellow entrepreneurs, professionals and the consumers about the endless opportunities out there. Together we will create and support innovative and intrinsically sustainable businesses that contribute to making our industry more efficient, ethical, forward-looking and balanced.

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