Grow Your Business

Strategies for Sustainable Business Growth

From new strategies to proven best practices, discover what’s new and what’s next to grow your business and outpace the competition.

Main strategies to grow your business

The most successful business owners are always looking for innovative ways to strengthen market share and improve their product or service offerings—while also cutting costs and driving new efficiencies internally. This is the fundamental formula for growth potential in your field.

Here are some basic business growth strategies to help you do just that:

1. Invest in gaining a deeper understanding of your prospective customers

One of the tried-and-true ways to gain new customers is by gaining a deeper understanding of what they want, and why. You can find the answers by investing in focus groups and conducting research on your buyer personas, which illuminates the challenges or pain points they need to overcome. This will help you craft stronger messaging and develop a better solution that alleviates the pain point.

2. Refine and emphasize your unique value proposition

If you want your business to resonate with your target audiences, you need to communicate clearly and succinctly what sets you apart from the competition.

A strong unique value proposition not only distinguishes you from the other providers in your industry, but it also details the benefits of your offering and how it will address your customer's needs—or alleviate their pain points.

3. Refine and emphasize your unique brand identity

Your unique brand identity is your company’s DNA. Your brand’s what and why, which lays out your company values and a promise of how your product offerings will alleviate your customer’s pain points.

Building a stronger brand identity that engages your customers and sets your business apart is not easy work. We recommend soliciting input from a branding agency or an experienced subject matter expert.

4. Recognize the value of superior customer service

Business owners should never lose focus on the importance of investing in a first-class team that provides superior service to your customers. It’s a non-negotiable if you’re serious about sustained company growth.

Your front-line communicators are integral to supporting every step in the sales cycle, from initial contact with prospective customers all the way to that first sale. When you exceed customers’ expectations, they are likely to tell their friends, family, and followers about your business.

5. Grow your business with unforgettable events

Eventbrite provides game-changing tools to harness what’s new and what’s next to accelerate company growth.

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Grow Your Business

Harnessing the growth potential of digital marketing

1. Expand your online presence with a robust digital marketing and advertising strategy

An earned search ranking that positions your business on the first page of targeted Google search results is great. Yet it’s only one component of the digital marketing formula that delivers new customers.

Investing in digital advertising through a social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube is a good way to gain awareness and attract prospective customers in your target audience. With the technology available in paid social media programs, it’s remarkably easy to select the demographic criteria of the audience you are targeting. Having more control over your ad spend—and who sees your product or service—can result in stronger engagement, clicks, and conversions.

2. Embrace the power (and ROI) of content marketing

A surefire strategy you can embrace to earn your place on the first page of Google’s search results is a commitment to content marketing.

Effectively “marketing” your content isn’t going to get you anywhere, however, unless you’re committed to consistently posting quality content across a wide variety of online channels or platforms. Doing so will help you be recognized as a “subject matter expert” in your field, delivering more exposure and top-of-mind awareness from the online audiences (and target customers) you need for sustained company growth.

3. Test out marketing automation software

Employing an end-to-end marketing automation software program can be a game-changer for company growth. But it’s not for everyone. It’s expensive and can be a major undertaking, requiring extensive training and a serious commitment to change management for most companies. But the potential ROI (envision a fully-automated inbound/outbound marketing machine that works non-stop to fill your sales funnel) alone is worth taking a test drive.

Online strategies for scaling your business

1. Invest in paid advertising campaigns

One of the clear advantages of online advertising is the seamless functionality of the technology that measures your ROI at any given moment. A natural evolution of traditional media advertising, where you’re forced to depend on an external source for data analytics, the digital age of paid advertising gives you full control of where and when you want to be seen.

You can also easily adjust and refine your advertising campaign in real-time and seamlessly reallocate budget with the tap of a button. This functionality maximizes impressions, click-throughs, and most importantly, conversions that fuel company growth.

2. Embrace the power of email marketing

Effective email marketing campaigns can dramatically increase the numbers on your sales funnel and grow your business. Once you have developed and finalized your unique value proposition and brand identity, it’s time to launch your company’s email marketing program.

First things first. You’ll need to compel your target audience to open your email. To achieve a respectable open rate, give some thought to your own experience analyzing sales or marketing emails that arrive in your Inbox every day. What compels you to open it—as opposed to instantly deleting it? Is it the subject line? Is it the personalization from the sender?

Pro Tip: Always be A/B testing (because coffee is for testers only) with subject lines, send dates/times, and dynamic personalization to continually refine and strengthen your email marketing results.

3. Diversify your online presence with microsites

A differentiator from your main business website, a microsite provides a more focused online user experience around your specific product or service to your target audiences.

Grow Your Business

Social media strategies to grow your business

1. Post new content daily

Consistent, high-quality content is the not-so-secret formula to grow your business on social media. Whether it’s your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or company blog, consistently posting quality content that engages your audience will pay dividends.

The power and impact of social media is rooted in the instant exposure (and valuable impressions) provided by the tap of a “share” button. The more interesting, informative, or engaging your content—the more likely your followers will share with their social media network.

2. Get creative with interactive content to boost engagement

Encourage interactivity and participation with polls, contests, giveaways, or customer features that help make your followers feel like a valued member of an online community—and identify with your brand.

3. How to grow your business on Instagram

With over 1 billion people using Instagram every month, it has become a top-tier social media platform for businesses of all sizes to increase brand awareness, impressions, and customer growth—all of which will boost business.

Taking the time to post compelling images of your products, company, or industry-related content for a target audience or niche can help you capture a piece of this highly profitable pie. The IG game is all about capitalizing on trends and popular topics to stand out from the crowd and connect with your target audiences.

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