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Eventbrite powers millions of event creators every year – from yoga classes, book readings, 5k runs and competitive painting, to vegan BBQ festivals, underground speakeasy tours and community block parties. 

Eventbrite is your inside source for what’s trending in live experiences: we spot the next big thing and understand how people are spending their time, making connections and building communities. 

“Eventbrite’s vast network of entrepreneurial creators and global community mean we are at the forefront of what is trending in culture. This summer, people are ready to find joy outside of their nine to fives, whether that’s living large at a day party, getting zen during a sound bath, or reliving their childhood at a water fight in the middle of NYC.”  

-Roseli Ilano, Head of Community, Eventbrite

After analyzing hundreds of thousands of experiences on Eventbrite, these are the top three trends for Summer 2022:

  •  THE NOW: Gather your party people – Everyone is ready to let loose this summer, with day parties and brunches on the rise.
  • THE NEW: Clear your calendar to recharge – People are getting more experimental when it comes to wellness, as breathwork, sound baths, and meditation events skyrocket. 
  • THE NOSTALGIC: Take your inner child on a playdate – Nostalgia is taking over as people search for kid-like events and experiences this summer.

Read on for Eventbrite’s full Summer Trends Report.


Eventbrite data reveals that Americans are ready to party. The sweatpants are off. The bottle is uncorked. Any time is party time.

  • The night is not enough: The number of day parties on Eventbrite in the U.S. has grown by a whopping 58% over last year1.
  • Brunch boom: The most fun meal of the week is officially back. Brunch events are booming in the U.S., up 73% over last year1. Fabulously, 1 in 5 brunch events features Drag2.
  • Hard seltzer sparkles this summer: Eventbrite creators in the U.S. are hosting 15 times as many events mentioning hard seltzer than in pre-pandemic 20191. The fizzy drink seems to pair well with humor: 1 in 6 events featuring hard seltzer are comedy shows2.
  • Hold the juice, though: Events mentioning mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks are trending down by 40% compared to 20191.

❗Rum on the rise❗ Four rum distilleries in Florida have posted an incredible 800+ events this year2. Rum may just be the summer drink of 2023. 

Meet the trend leaders: Alligator Bay Distillers, Sugar Works Distillery, Wicked Dolphin Distillery, Siesta Key Rum

“I think we’re gonna witness another summer of love, with all of the sex, partying and excess that comes with it, but this time, it’ll be amongst a mainstream hip hop audience.  As a result, I think we’re gonna see mini rave-style events promoted by and for demos that aren’t typically associated with rave culture.”  – Eventbrite creator Juan Gomez, Founder,  Afrobeats to the World, San Francisco

EVENTBRITE SUMMER TREND: After the party, it’s the hotel lobby wellness practice

Eventbrite data uncovers that after all the partying, Americans need time to re-focus and re-energize. 

  • Power plants: Cacao, kava, and kratom drinking sessions and ceremonies are on the rise in the U.S., up 74% over 20211.
  • Breathe easy: Events teaching focused, conscious breathing – breathwork – seems to have undergone a pandemic inflation: numbers are up +729%3. That’s much more than ‘traditional’ meditation events, which also grew, but saw a calmer increase of 64%3
  • Rehab your aura: Sound and gong baths are the next wave in wellness and relaxation! In the U.S., the number of events more than doubled (+113%)1 from last year.

I feel like people want to explore and be open to try new things, specifically learning about and experiencing anything that has a more natural and sustainable element. That might mean crafting with vintage materials or finding zen with the use of ingredients they can feel good about putting in and on their body. This also means supporting small businesses including those of us that create experiences on Eventbrite.”Eventbrite creator Marquita Rene Davis, Founder, Black Velveteen Yoga, L.A.

EVENTBRITE SUMMER TREND: 17 again… at least for the summer

Eventbrite data shows we’re tired of adulting and want to return to childlike bliss with experiences that take us back in time.  

The carefree summer camp you want to relive. The music you used to listen to. Jumping into a giant ball pit. Countless events are springing up to help adults go back in time and relive their favorite moments.  

“This summer, the hottest events will be outdoors and on wheels. With Rockefeller Center converting to a roller rink for the first time in 80 years, and Wollman Rink offering roller skating for the first time since the ‘90s, New York will be gliding and making new memories.” – Eventbrite creator Amy Collado, Founder, Butter Roll, New York.

About Eventbrite’s data:

1Comparing events held January through April of 2022 to events held in the same months in previous years.

2Based on 2022 events held and scheduled.

3Comparing events held in 2020, 2021, and 2022 YTD with events held in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

4Figures in this report are based on Eventbrite’s platform data .

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