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Write For The Future

Led by author and college professor David Dent, “Write For The Future” specializes in helping students craft essays that will reflect their abilities as writers in addition to spotlighting the unique qualities they can bring to a collegiate community. The coaching provided is also intended to help prepare students for the demands of college writing. in three years, our students have gained admission to Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, Northwestern, Oberlin, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, Williams, NYU, Amherst, Tufts, University of Pennsylvania and many other schools. (see below for full matriculation list)

We are proud of our acceptances, but more importantly, the students say they have become better writers and are better thinkers after going through our intensive writing program. We use the tools of journalism to lead students to question themselves and to look at their lives and the world in ways that profoundly grow their abilities as writers who can consider complexity in personalized ways and with accessible language.

For many students, the college admissions process is consumed by stresses that erase the potential for self-discovery and intellectual engagement. Write for the Future counters this madness by turning one piece of the college admissions process into an intellectually enriching experience that inspires young people to become better writers and thinkers. By coaching students to write personal and original essays, Write for the Future propels them into deep moments of thought, self-discovery and reflection. The coaches are writers who use the process of writing admissions essays as the platform for young people to come of age intellectually as they think, write, discover and engage ideas in original ways. This leads students to produce self-portraits that reflect their intellectual capacities.

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