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The WYNG Media Award (WMA) is a series of programmes developed to spark discussions of social issues of great importance to Hong Kong through visual images, with a view to fostering positive change. Each year, a theme is chosen for the programmes. Past themes explored included “Poverty”, “Air”, “Waste”, “Identity” and “Mobility”. The theme for the 2017/18 cycle is “Transition”.

The exhibition TRANSITION showcases photographic works of the nine finalists of WMA Masters, including CHAN Suk On, Frankie CHAN Kwok Chung, Berton CHANG, GONG He, Billy H.C. KWOK, Joseph LEUNG Mong Sum, SHEK Ming Fai Phil, Ka-Man TSE, YIM Sui-fong, as well as moving image works of WMA Film by three filmmakers, including Steven DHOEDT, SEEAHOLE (Dave KONG, Kenji MA, Eason YUEN) and Stanley TAM, using crowdsourced footages from the “1 July 2017 – A Day in Transition” project. The venue also hosts ALL THAT. DOESN’T, a solo exhibition of Ducky TSE Chi-tak presenting his works supported by WMA Commission 2015/16 in response to the theme “Identity”.

WYNG Media Award(WMA)旨在以一系列從影像出發的項目,推動公眾對 香港社會議題的關注和討論。項目包括 WMA 大師攝影獎、WMA 委託計劃、 WMA 映香港攝影比賽、WMA 學生計劃及 WMA 視像。WMA 每年設立不同 主題促進社會對話,歷屆主題分別為「貧窮」、「空氣」、「廢 棄」、「我們是誰」 和「動」,2017/18 年度主題為「過渡」。

《過渡》展出九位 WMA 大師攝影獎入選作品,入選攝影師包括陳淑安、陳國宗、張銘良、 龔鶴、Billy H.C. KWOK、梁望琛、石明輝、謝嘉敏及嚴瑞芳。展覽亦會展示短片製作人 Steven DHOEDTSEEAHOLE(Dave KONGKenji MAEason YUEN)及 Stanley TAM 以《過渡:壹日》公開徵集短片計劃徵集所得而製作的三組 WMA 視像錄像作品。

同場亦舉行 2015/16 WMA 委託計劃 「我們是誰」得主謝至德的個人展覽 《萬念 ‧ 歸寂》。

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