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The WYNG Media Award (WMA) is a series of programmes developed to spark discussions of social issues of great importance to Hong Kong through visual images, with a view to fostering positive change. Each year, a theme is chosen for the programmes. 

 Seven WMA Masters finalists, the WMA Commission grant recipient, and 10 finalists of the WYNG Philomathia Student Essay Contest will present their works at 'Opportunity! WMA Annual Exhibition'. As part of the programme, the artists and relevant representatives will provide various workshops and guided tours to further engage the public and explore what ‘Opportunity’ means for the city and its people.


Participating Artists: Pierfrancesco CELADA, CHEUNG Nga Ling, Jolans FUNG, Sharon LEE,LO Lai Lai Natalie, Saskia WESSELING, Beatrice WONG and YIP Kin Bon

Participating Students: Bernice CHAN Ying Yu, Jamie LAI, LAU Hiu Ying, Enid Audrey LEONARD, LUI Cheuk Yiu, LUK Ho Yan Katie, MA Nok Yee Charlotte, SIT Hoi Ting Chloe, TO Wing Tung and Joanne YAU

WYNG Media Award(WMA)旨在以一系列從影像出發的項目,推動公眾對 香港社會議題的關注和討論。項目包括 WMA 大師攝影獎、WMA 委託計劃、 WMA 映香港攝影比賽、WMA 學生計劃及 WMA 視像。


參展藝術家:Pierfrancesco CELADA、張雅玲、馮祺、李卓媛、勞麗麗、Saskia WESSELING、黃雪綾及葉建邦


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