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The WYNG Media Award (WMA) is a series of programmes developed to spark discussions of social issues of great importance to Hong Kong through visual images, with a view to fostering positive change.

In 2017, WMA launched a crowd-sourced documentary film project, ‘1 July 2017—A Day in Transition’, from which more than 200 videos were gathered from the public. Through juxtaposing these videos, the current exhibition aims to present the dialogues and discussions that have been going on as WMA sets up the WMA video archive. When facilitating accessibility to the video archive, we are inviting more vocabularies and references regarding the categorisation and understanding of the videos in this archive: What are the narrative powers of these precious videos submitted by the public, other than being mere ‘footage’ of documentary? What is the urgency of recording the moment with moving image? These are, perhaps, the first two of some fundamental questions for our contemplation in the crowd-sourcing and video-archiving process.


WYNG Media Award(WMA)旨在以一系列從影像出發的項目,推動公眾對 香港社會議題的關注和討論。項目包括 WMA 大師攝影獎、WMA 委託計劃、 WMA 映香港攝影比賽、WMA 學生計劃及 WMA 視像。


WMA 於2017年首次舉行公開短片徵集計劃「過渡:壹日」,從中收集了二百多段由公眾投交的錄像,2019年5月則舉行展覽,期望作為建立WMA開源錄像資料庫的過渡階段討論,審視在一次以典型的社會議題作徵集錄像的框架下,公眾慷慨投交的所有珍貴片段還有哪些「記錄」以外的錄像敘事力量,並開拓更多可作理解、歸納及延續錄像資料庫的詞彙及註腳。



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