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The Tale of WildSide
Our little sorority is filled with a really wonderful and eclectic collection of people from all parts of the globe. The vibe is always 1,000% supportive and welcoming which REALLY manifests itself once a year when members of the group take off for our now legendary week long Las Vegas party known as the Sin City Soiree.

The Soiree started In 2007 when a group of about seven people from the WildSide board on Alt decided to check out a trans event in Vegas. We decided that we'd spice things up on our own by throwing a couple of dazzling suite parties at our homebase of The Sahara. We had the time of our lives, and the parties caused quite a buzz. We quickly garnered a reputation as “Those Wild Chicks at The Sahara” which we all relished and took great pride in. We returned from that trip invigorated and empowered. Stories and pictures began to flow and again caused quite a buzz (Are you starting to see a pattern forming here?) Nikki & Gina (fresh off an sisterly bonding experience in '07) took it upon themselves to harness on all the electricity the first trip had generated and plan a return adventure to Vegas in 2008. Voilà, the Sin City Soiree was born!

Planning included a move from the Tropicana Las Vegas, where Nikki worked her considerable magic and secured a special rate for anyone who registered under the WildSide umbrella. We included a group limo ride, VIP accommodations at a Vegas nightclub, poolside cabana fun (bikinis and all) and of course more wild suite parties. As the plans took their grand form (plans and ideals that still serve as the foundation for what the Soiree is today), more and more people caught the bug, and what started with seven people in 2007, now has attendance well into triple digits, and through nothing more than word of mouth, has become one of the preeminent trans events in the county; bringing in people from all over the world.

Our annual Sin City Soiree always happens in May. The organizers decided for consistency's sake that the event will always begin the Monday after Mother's Day. It is a party of the highest order, no doubt, but more than that, it gives trans people of all varieties an opportunity to be amongst members of their own tribe. This is an amazing opportunity to walk, talk, interact and LIVE IT UP with your trans sisters & allies while forming friendships that can last a lifetime.

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