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I lead the not-for-profit organisation 'Project DARE!' to ensure as many people who think they will benefit from taking the course have access to the program. If you work with people who experience low self-confidence or body image issues or fancy a bit of a confidence boost yourself, we think we can help!

Project DARE! helps people grow in confidence, learn self-compassion and love their bodies through setting teams Daring tasks that push participants out of their comfort zones. Participants are supported to achieve these tasks together. The Dares are arts based and are a celebration of the human body. 

We run fairly regular free taster sessions for individuals who want to grow in confidence and explore issues surrounding about our bodies...  Our full 6 day course is spread out over 6 weeks and is guaranteed to get each and every participant brimming with confidence, knowing what makes them unique and loving their body more than ever before...

See you there!

Ursula Joy xx

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