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Ms. Tyesha Williams brings to us R&B as a vocalist, actress, radio peronalilty and event hostess. Tyesha's experience under her belt is from years of experience locally and nationally. She has a natural talent and drive for musical success. Ms. Williams goal is to grab audiences with vocal range and emotional appeal. She has become one of Orlando's best and brightest event hostess for any type of event. Tyesha has opened at events for artist like 'Tamia', 'Tank', 'Avant', 'Keith Sweat', 'R Kelly' and BET comedians to name a few. You may also have seen her as a background vocliast for artist like 'Howard Hewitt', 'Brian McKnight' and 'Carol Thomas'.

Some of Tyesha's aspirations include finishing her debut album titled, 'Expressions of the Heart'. The first single already completed is called, 'One Man Show.' Tyesha was the recipient of the 2008 Orlando Hip-Hop award for Best Female Vocalist. She also is the recipient for the Black Tie Gala's Best Hostess and the Fla'Vore 2014 Labour of Love Award. After winning these coveted award, she started her own weekly musical showcase, Tuesday Live Vibe. This was a platform to give other up and coming artist the opportunity to display their talents. In addition, Tyesha continues her success by lending her talent to radio as the host of her own radio show, Keeping it Real with Tyesha and The Fla'Vore WOKB's 'Lets Talk About Love Show' which has been received with raving reviews.

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