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The Power of Salt Brine


Snow and ice control contractors are always searching for ways to make their businesses more efficient and profitable.  The use of salt brine as a liquid ice control strategy improves the effectiveness of your ice control operations, reduces salt usage, improves profitability, reduces liability and is less damaging to customer's properties and the environment.  This seminar will begin with a discussion about the basics of liquid ice control and include a comprehensive approach to develop the most effective and profitable ice control strategy for your business including tips on how to sell liquid ice control to your clients.  Here are some of the main topics covered:


  • Return on Investment – Discover how you can save money by adding salt brine to your operations and increase profitability.
  • How to Sell Your Customer – Learn how you can sell a liquid ice control program to your Clients and build it into their contract.
  • Litigation – Contractors will hear how they can reduce the potential risk of liability by using liquid ice control techniques.
  • Environmental Impact – Learn about the current impact of salting and why we must improve our practices to protect water supplies and avoid costly repairs.  Also, learn about potential legislation that may impact ice control contractors.


About the Presenters:


Daniel Gilliland has been working and innovating in the snow and ice industry for well over 20 years. Starting as a sub-contractor in 1994, he quickly rose to manage snow removal for the largest snow company in the country in 1996. In an effort to become more efficient, Daniel utilized his understanding of the management of snow removal and created a proprietary snow removal tracking software system. This system enabled him to monitor his fleet of snow removal professionals in real time for maximum efficiency fulfilling contracts and supporting billing. In 2003, Daniel earned a Certified Snow Contractor (CSP) certification through the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA). Daniel created two companies in 2004; Snowfighters, a top 100 snow and ice contractor company and CrewTracker Software ™. His record of innovation and experience in the industry lead to his nomination to become President of SIMA in 2011. Daniel sold his two companies in 2012 and 2013 respectively. He now works professionally educating commercial snow and ice contractors throughout the country on the effectiveness of ice control using liquid applications in addition to the numerous financial and environmental benefits.


Pam Buckley joined the SnowEx team in 2010 where she has leveraged her diverse project management skills to drive growth and product quality.  As a key stakeholder she plays a pivotal role in the market research and business case development for SnowEx Liquid Solutions projects focusing on emerging technologies and industry trends in both the private and public sectors. 


Due to her expertise in liquid snow and ice control Pam has been invited to speak at numerous snow industry events including the Snow and Ice Management Association Symposium, American Public Works Association Snow Show and the University of NH - Dept. of Environmental Services Green SnowPro Certification Program.  She has published articles on a variety of topics related to liquid applications and sustainability relative to snow industry practices and developed the SnowEx online Liquid Training Program. 


In 2017 Pam was named Sustainability Manager for Douglas Dynamics Commercial Snow and Ice Division and is currently conducting training seminars on a variety of subjects related to liquids and traveling nationwide to speak on the issue of sustainability relative to the impacts of winter services and how liquid approaches can mitigate those impacts.   


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