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The New Narrative

New Narrative events will bring together speakers from multiple disciplines to share their stories on the vision they have for the future and the narratives they’ve found to guide them towards that goal.

Speakers will come from the arts, academia, nonprofit, activism, science, spirituality, business and neighborhood communities to share their insights.

Some of the stories will pose a question. Other will help provide an answer. Each story will help better us understand why the conversation is important.

Events will focus on a different theme at the core of human existence, such as Community, Communication, Education, Family, Relationships, Identity and more.

The New Narrative believes we have an opportunity to redefine the narrative for our lives and shape it towards the path of creating a healthier, more fulfilling and sustainable world. What stories will we write for ourselves that will define our present and future world?

The New Narrative is a call to action. Our capacity for understanding and change has never been higher. By writing the stories for ourselves now we can change the future we’re destined to live in.

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