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TDR.Training’s mission is providing top-quality self-defense training to all law-abiding students. We offer this training without regard to what you look like, who you worship, where you’re from, how you identify, who you vote for, or who you love.
Tim is dedicated to patient, professional, and safe instruction for all levels of students. He is passionate about instruction, and a lifelong student himself, with over 700 hours of training with many of the top trainers in self-defense, and over 24 years experience in concealed carry. Tim is certified as an NRA Pistol and CCW Instructor, and a Rangemaster Master Instructor. He has trained with Tom Givens of Rangemaster, Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch, Massad Ayoob, Southnarc, William Aprill, Wayne Dobbs & Darryl Bolke, John Hearne, Spencer Keepers, and many others