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Founded in 2007, Sound Discipline is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Seattle, Washington. 

 Integrating solution-focused discipline, trauma-informed practices, and data-driven systemic change to build powerful, equitable communities.

By empowering adults to address the root causes of behavior, Sound Discipline helps level the playing field for students from diverse backgrounds and environments. Sound Discipline’s vision is an equitable, hopeful, diverse community in which every child feels included and valued, and people treat each other with dignity and respect.

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We offer workshops and events which are open to the public for educators, youth program providers, parent leaders, parents and others who are interested in Positive Discipline for schools and parenting, and a trauma-informed approach to working with children and youth.

For more information on our work transforming schools and communities, visit our website:

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We believe:

All people, young and adult—regardless of race, class and culture— are worthy of dignity and respect.

Misbehaving children are discouraged children.

Current punitive practices and systems work to the detriment of all young people and perpetuate a legacy of oppression and inequity.

 Mutually respectful relationships and solution focused problem solving empower children, families, schools, and communities to thrive and foster academic excellence, citizenship, equity, and democracy.

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