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Tendai from Quest4Success is a qualified Life Coach and Entrepreneur running a consultancy teaching people how to use Social Media effectively and how to create Vision Boards to manifest goals.  In addition to vision board workshops and talks, Tendai provides 1:1 training to Entrepreneurs and Small businesses in various Social Media Networks and Digital Marketing sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Hootsuite, Graphics for Social Media posts (Canva & PicMonkey) and Mailchimp (for Email Marketing).

Previous workshops and sessions have been held in Southbank University during 2015 for established Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses, Camberwell Library for Camberwell Arts and Brixton Bid, Brixton.

The overall aim of the workshops is to teach people how to effectively manage all of their Social Media Networks in one space, enabling you to schedule all social media posts for the week in only 1-2hrs.   This frees up time for people to run their business effectively, attract the desired customers and generate revenue online.  Each workshop for each platform is taught at varying levels ranging from Beginners to PRO (5 levels in total), with a maximum of 5 people per workshop.

I enjoy teaching people the numerous features and benefits of each platform, and enjoy teaching at the varying levels to assist those that are completely new to a platfrom so they are not overwhemed, and teaching those that have been using a platform for some time, the additional hidden functions of their chosen network.  

Tendai @ Quest4Success

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