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Panndora Productions

Panndora Productions is a theatre company based in Long Beach, California. Founded in 2002 by Sonja Berggren and Karen Wray, the company focuses on the enhancement of greatly talented playwrights yet to achieve stardom. "The Opening of Panndora's Box" is an annual festival, where they combine professional directors and actors with five plays over three days, call in an audience and welcome feedback from all involved. Since 2012 they've taken one of those plays and launched full productions. Productions include HOOK-UPS by Alexandra Petri in 2012, CATCHING THE BUTCHER by Adam Seidel in 2013, FRAGILE THING CRACKS by Ben Jolivet in 2014, MEDUSA UNDONE by Bella Poynton in 2015, SWEET TEXAS RECKONING by Traci Godfrey in 2016, IN KINGS  & FOOLS by Kevin Daly in 2017, JUPITER MOON by Bob Valine in 2018 , GLOVE STORY by Ken Pisani, Spring 2019, and A WOLF'S MOTHER by Cary J. Simowitz, Fall 2019.

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