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Pagans Paradise

Pagans Paradise hosts Events that are Interactive, Educational, Body and Sex positive for all gender identifications, sexual orientations and lifestyles. 

Dominus Eros along with many other talented instructors/groups, welcome you to our community!

Our mission is to normalize every sacred intimacy, kink, fetish and desire and provide a safe atmosphere for all enthusiasts to come play and learn. No discrimination, no judgments and no questions asked!

Most Events will be in our studios in Herald Square and Union Square. We offer both in person and online content that includes livestreams. *Until further notice we are only doing online for safety*

We invite all walks of life to come and share in our unique experience while we explore human sexuality, touch and connection in fun and exciting ways. We also encourage other enthusiasts, veterans in the field to be able to come up with ideas for new meetups and run them with our Pagans Paradise team.

*Note we find value in all events posted, however for transparency & accountability some instructors may or may not have affiliations with groups that may not fall in line with our mission and what we find important.*

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 Dominus Eros