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Men Drawing Men

MEN DRAWING MEN (new family-friendly name) MensNakedDrawing below

We are a figure drawing/life drawing group for male-identified artists of all skill levels. We feature male models exclusively.

  • Live online/virtual drawing sessions (uninstructed)
  • Instructional classes with guest teachers
  • Members-only forum to chat and share drawings.
  • Lbrary of posing videos sessions.

All Men Drawing Men sessions welcome respectful male-identified artists of all ages (18+ to 90+), ethnicities, sexual orientations and body types. Wear whatever is comfortable for you.


NOTE: Our in-person sessions will resume once it's safe again.

A figure drawing sketch group for male-identified artists take turns posing for each other. You don't have to be an "artist." We welcome beginner artists. We’re friendly and non-judgmental (of both drawing skills and bodies)! Clothing is not permitted at our in-person sessions.

Look for MensNakedDrawing only on in these cities:

New York City
Austin, Texas
Phoenix, Arizona
Inland Empire, California
San Francisco, California