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MATHNASIUM Math Learning Center


Call (617) 340-3665 for any quetions.

Choose from 2 math learning center locations:

NEWTON-49 Winchester St (Next to Create-A-Cook)

WELLESLEY - 873 Worcester St (Next to FELLS Market)

3 things to know about our Math Learning Center:

1. We teach Math and Math only (that’s why we are so good at it). We have a big warning sign in our center that says: WARNING: Your Child could Become CRAZY about Math. We’ve seen it happen many times so we thought we would warn you.

2. We do eyeball-to-eyeball instruction. An individualized curriculum is created for every child to target his specific math skills gaps and to build upon his strengths. Since no 2 children have the same skills gaps and strengths, no 2 children share the same learning curriculum. Call me at (617) 340-3665 to find out how we can give a child individual attention, get dramatic results, and keep our program fees affordable.

3. How do we measure results? We know that you didn’t bring your child to get good grades in our center. You bring your child to get good grades in school. Therefore, we measure our results based on your child’s school grades, test scores, and your child’s confidence and attitude about Math, not just on our center’s pre-post quarterly assessments. To that end, we contact your child’s teacher to get her thoughts and feedback on your child’s learning plan. Example, a teacher contacted us recently because she was starting a new section on fractions and she asked us to help Kayla - one of her students attending our center - to give her extra support so Kayla can get a head start.

Call (617) 340-3665 and ask for the Center Director. We will be happy to show your child around our center. For directions to our Math Learning Center, click here.

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