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Maker Faire

About Maker Faire:

Maker Faire is a celebration of invention, creativity and resourcefulness inspiring the future for the maker community across the globe. It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning.  


Makers range from tech enthusiasts to crafters to homesteaders to scientists to garage tinkerers. They are of all ages and backgrounds. The aim of Maker Faire is to entertain, inform, connect and grow this community.


The original Maker Faire event was held in San Mateo, CA and in 2018 celebrated its 13th annual faire with more than 800 exhibitors, makers, presenters and speakers. World Maker Faire New York, the other flagship event, has grown in six years to 900+ makers and 95,000 attendees.  Forty larger scale Maker Faires occur in cities  around the world—Berlin, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, and Shenzhen to name a few—and over 170 community-driven, independently organized Mini Maker Faires are now being produced in the Unitied States and in 44 other countires around the world.


About Make: Magazine

Make: is the first magazine devoted entirely to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) technology projects. Make: unites, inspires, informs, and entertains a growing community of resourceful people who undertake amazing projects in their backyards, basements, and garages. Make: celebrates your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your will.  


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