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Lori Vann, M.A., LPC-S

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Ms. Vann has been a LPC since 2001, a supervisor since 2003, and a professional speaker 2000.  She has been a professor for two local colleges and a media consultant for TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, and the internet.  As of September 2014, she has given over 60 national and local radio and television interviews.  For over a decade, she has helped clients deal with the core issues that influence the unhealthy coping skills that people often participate in & then the subsequent unsafe relationships that may follow.

Called the "Teen Whisperer" by parents of previously treatment resistance teens, she has helped numerous teens go from unhealthy & destructive decision making to healthier, better thought out decisions that yield 'less drama' in their lives.  She is on the referral list for 6 school districts and often carries a wait list.  By addressing the issues that contribute to picking unsafe people, the teen starts to see the connection between their esteem, boundary setting, people they attract, and subsequent choices that are made that are either healthy or full of risks & consequnces. 


Ms. Vann has studied and treated self-injury since 1999, directly worked with over 370 individuals with some history of self-harm, consulted on hundreds of self-injury cases with counselors, doctors, teachers, and family members, been interviewed numerous times by the media. She has presented on the topic of self-injury over 40 times and has been nicknamed "the Guru of self-injury" and the "Local Expert" on the topic.

She also enjoys presenting the various Dating seminars and other relationship-based presentations.  In addition, she believes in the mind-body connection and frequently speaks on the topic of stress management from a psychological & physiological perspective.  Ms. Vann can incorporate Biblical principles into this presentation, such as the role of spirituality in stress management. 


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