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LAF Tech

What We Do.
It’s a well-known fact that people buy from salespeople they like, socialize, remember and continue to interact with those that use humor and make them laugh. With so much negativity in the media and around us every day, we work hard to provide a fun, safe environment where anyone can learn how to skillfully use methods of humor to improve their personal lives and careers. Whether you’re a presenter, an entrepreneur, or just giving an event toast - say it with humor!

Why We Do It.
There are so many people out there that struggle to be heard, seen, and acknowledged. We’re all born the same; innocent, pure, happy and funny. At some point in our lives, whether by way of environment, societal pressure or the workplace, we lose ourselves. Our Workshops help anyone uncover and rediscover their own mix of humor. Laughter has so many hidden benefits such as confidence and pride as well; which quickly reveal themselves when students dedicate themselves to our curriculum.

Why You Should Do It.
In less than 2 years, we’ve helped over 200 people learn all or portions of our Six Methods of Humor that we promote. All of our programs are engaging, challenging, educational, fun, spirited and the support from one another is unmatched. You’ll experience a wide-range of tailored improvisational exercises, method-specific education, direct coaching, and multiple speaking opportunities in front of your supporting group. In some cases, there are project assignments that carry over week-to-week.

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