IDOT Supportive Services

It is IDOT’s goal to provide assistance to DBE firms and individuals interested in doing business with the department in ways that ensure equity, access, and transparency. IDOT, in accordance with federal guidelines, strives to facilitate and implement programs that can help current and future business partners open the door to doing business with us.

The department works towards this goal in a variety of ways, most notably through the tools available at our Resource Centers, the Supportive Services Program that is executed through our partnerships with consultants who provide management and technical supportive services assistance, and corresponding supportive services programs that fall under the umbrella Supportive Services Program. This support is provided at no charge to IDOT’s DBE firms, to firms seeking IDOT DBE certification, to IL UCP DBE certified firms who have an IDOT contract, and to prime contractors doing business with IDOT. 

For questions regarding the Supportive Services Program, email