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Global Citizen

Global Citizen is a non-profit organization dedicated to ongoing civic engagement among diverse groups through volunteering, education, community building, service learning, economic opportunity, leadership development and dialogue.

Global Citizen brings together people of all ages and backgrounds to foster active citizenship, civic responsibility, and social justice that results in breaking down barriers, building understanding, and cultivating ongoing, diverse partnerships.

Global Citizen programs include the annual Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service, the largest King Day event in the nation, and year-round initiatives whose focus includes poverty, homelessness, literacy, empowering at-risk young people, race relations, public health, safety, digital inclusion, veterans, energy and the environment.

The 23rd annual Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service drew more than 150,000 participants last January, who volunteered in some 1,800 projects throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. The 24th annual Greater Philadelphia King Day of Service will take place on Monday, January 21, 2019.

Other Global Citizen programs:

· Community volunteering

· Community partnership-building

· Back to school supplies drive

· Neighbors in Action Community Leadership Workshops

· Promoting literacy

· Student-led anti-gun violence campaign

· Quarterly conversations on race, class, and power

· Mission365: Connecting Military and Civilian Service on the Home Front

For more information, visit or contact Campbell Bird at 215-851-1805 or

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