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Forensic Training Unlimited/Forensic Science Academy

I'm passionate about helping your convert your forensic goals into a forensic career ~Terri Armenta

I'm a forensic educator, mentor, and online teacher. My passion is bringing forensic training to students so they can convert their forensic goals into a forensic career. I have several POST certifications, have been trained by various local law enforcement agencies, county coroner's office, and am a member of several professional forensic organizations. My mission is to help students get trained for forensic related positions. 

What is Forensic Training Unlimited?

Forensic Training Unlimited and our flagship program, the Forensic Science Academy, provide hands-on training, seminars, workshops, online courses, and webinars. Our courses are specific to students who are looking for forensic experience and training. The training students receive will help them enhance their formal education and help market their forensic career. 

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