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Everett Improv

Improvisation Education and Entertainment

2804 Grand Ave Suite #105

Everett, Wa. 98201



Our Educational Promises To You:

  • All courses are capped at 10 students to provide a more personalized and satisfying experience.  

  • All courses are capped at a 4 week length in order to be more accessible to people who have tricky schedules.  If you want or need to spend more time on certain skills, we guarantee that any course can be repeated multiple times and it will always be a unique and challenging experience.  

  • Every course will be customized by the instructor as it progresses in order to better serve everyone’s individual needs.  

  • If you have a specific goal that does not seem to be represented in any of the classes, please let us know.  We can mold our classes to meet any personal objective.  

  • Don’t let money get in the way of laughter and growth.  If any class cost is too much, please just tell us and we will make it do-able.  

  • Any dissatisfied student may discontinue at any point during a course and receive a prorated refund for the remaining classes. 


There are two main adult course pools: 




The “LIFE” courses are great for anyone who wants to:

  • Get out of the house  

  • Try something new

  • Learn powerful life and career skills in a stupidly fun way

  • Meet new people 

  • Escape from reality for a couple hours

  • Train your mind to work faster, more creatively, more critically, and more confidently

  • Help better manage anxiety, stress, and depression (art, creativity, laughter, positive human interaction, and supportive validation is powerful stuff) 

  • Learn and utilize improv without all the silly voices, body contortion, and super  theatre-y stuff 

  • Have fun and keep mentally flexible and prepared

*Life courses are signified by an "L-code" after the title.  



The “STAGE” courses are great for anyone who wants to:

  • Get out of the house

  • Try something new or “get back into it”

  • Learn/continue to explore improv in an artistic and performance capacity

  • Not be any version of themselves for a couple hours

  • Apply improvisation skills to other artistic/creative mediums like writing, acting, dance, or stand-up

  • Have fun and keep mentally flexible and prepared

*Stage courses are signified by an "S-code" after the title.



You will not see the word “level” or any numerology.  As many courses as possible are compartmentalized and have little to no prerequisites, allowing you to choose solely based on the skills you want to learn/practice.  There are also no course descriptions. Why? Boiled down, all improv courses use fun games, challenging exercises, and layered activities. Trust us, you’ll do lots of fun weird sh*t no matter which class you choose.  So you just get to focus on what you want to learn. But if you want help picking, we are totally here and creepily staring at our inbox.  




Heck, yes.  As long as there are no prerequisite skills, you can take any course from either pool in any order. 


Registration Note:

Due to small class sizes, registration is required for all courses and classes.  But as long as there is space in the class, there is no registration deadline.


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