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Eloise Haunted Tours



  • At its peak, Eloise Psychiatric Hospital comprised 78 buildings across 902 acres, encompassing nearly everything a city had including a power plant, bakery, fire department, post office and much more.

    Today, one of the few surviving buildings is “D” Building, or Kay Beard as it was renamed in the 1990s.

    Dating back to 1931, “D” Building of Eloise Psychiatric Hospital once housed the facility’s administrative offices, post office, psychiatric admissions and up to 409 psychiatric patients. Around the time of its construction, Eloise was a bustling complex with nearly 10,000 patients and 2,000 staff. Throughout the building’s lifetime, many people have reported paranormal encounters in and around “D” Building.

    Join us for a paranormal investigation at this important historic location. Attendees will have a chance to:

    • See paranormal evidence captured in the building and use paranormal investigative tools to investigate in the moment.

    • See historical artifacts from the building.

    • Experience different paranormal investigation techniques and explore one of Michigan’s most reportedly haunted places.

    • Meet and investigate with members of local paranormal teams.


    • Attendees must be 18 years of age or older to attend and sign a liability waiver to enter.

    • Photo I.D. will be required for check-in.

    • No food, beverages, drugs or alcohol. Those under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave.

    • Each group is limited to 20 people, which will go together to each floor via stairs.

    • Attendees will go from floor-to-floor to experience different paranormal investigative techniques with local paranormal teams.

Paranormal Flash Lights will be available for purchase.


Please dress for the weather. The building does not have heat, water or electricity. Portable restrooms are available onsite.






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