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Dawn Doherty and Larendee Roos

We’ve built multi-million dollar companies that have sold for multiples.


Dawn has a deep understanding of how things work and has achieved engineering excellence through her studies at Stevens Institute of Technology and through her start-up leadership in Silicon Valley technology firms. Top that off with her role in driving extreme valuation and her intimate knowledge of the NYC real estate landscape and you have a woman-in-business with unprecedented skills.


Larendee Roos is a driving force in creating corporate valuation through masterful negotiating and extreme intuition. She’s lead global initiatives in the storage space industry that resulted in her clients realizing hundreds of millions in upside. Larendee carries a certification from Tony Robbins in strategic intervention so she doesn’t waste any time in moving you to greatness.


The synergistic force that is the combination of Dawn and Larendee is a force to be reckoned with. Their clients transition from standard performance to outstanding in weeks where other development routes take years.


Reach out to Dawn and Larendee when you’ve finally committed that you’ll live from your true nature- the version of you that is equipped to create whatever you want and lives from meaning and intent. 


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