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Code Craft Saturdays and Sundays

Code Craft Saturdays and Sundays happens every month, on the 2nd Saturday and 2nd Sunday. They will remain ENTIRELY REMOTE for the foreseeable future. The format we use is known as Mob or Ensemble programming. That means we work all together, on the same problem, until we're satisfied with what we have. During that time, we rotate who is coding (the typist/driver), generally at the direction of a navigator, while the remaining members are staying engaged because they'll be next up. The rotation of roles changes roughly every 5 minutes and there are additional roles to help it work smoothly, like researcher.

If we have lots of people, or a strong desire to work in different languages, we may split into multiple mobs.

The common thing for everything that goes on in these sessions is learning, skills growth or reinforcement, and getting and sharing ideas with other people that have different backgrounds, experience levels, interests and/or ways of thinking.