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I'm Chef Kit, the exec. chef at Larder Pantry and Garden, and culinary instructor with ChefPassport. I've been working in the hospitality industry since 1996, and teaching others since 2006 with a friendly and approachable instruction style.

I began cooking at a young age (7yrs old!), being taught by my mother and grandmother before formal training, and this instruction has helped broaden my culinary knowledge and teaching abilities - being able to help home cooks overcome their fear and apprehension at tackling unknown or foreign recipes.

I'm passionate about cooking, and sharing practical and helpful chef-skills with home cooks. Whilst I'm equally enthusiastic about French, Greek, Italian, British, and Australian recipes, I'm also a strong supporter of teaching others how to cook, and keeping both culinary and cultural traditions alive through food.

We all have family stories, histories, cherished memories, and quite often these are associated with favourite meals. As a chef, it's my goal to keep these memories alive, and to share them with the next generation of cooks and chefs.

So, come along to my online and in-person classes, and discover how easy cooking can be.

Bon appetite!

~Chef Kit