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Carson Tang - | | StonyBrook Reunion Kelly/SAB/Coca/Polity  is a community based initiative build around trusted networks, breakthough workshops, outdoor adventures, empowerment retreats, holistic health, higher consciousness, spirit, conferences, outings, and trips all built upon an experiential learning platform. 
We connect business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, and those who want to build a better business. Offering a trusted circle of positive influence and those who seek to take their business, career and/or their finances to new heights.
Life and business mastery begin when you create your destiny through leadership and personal empowerment for your business, career and personal life while activating the warrior and spirit within with peers who understand and support you. 23 scientific studies proved group support helps attract, achieve and create miracles.  is live experiential event outings from Powermastery. It goes out on day hikes, multi-day trips, international tours, and cultural immersions.

Carson Worldwide is the Experiential Event and Strategic Marketing flagship for the activities you enjoy. Interested in increasing your marketing results or creating an amazing event or meeting? We've attracted and catered to 6,000 to 30,000 attendees at large scale events and six to 200 in smaller events. Visit us at .

TERMS: By joining any of our events you agree and acknowledge you are joining on your own without any expectation. You understand you are fully responsible for your own safety, comfort, actions, needs, and inactions on any of our events and hikes, with any ride you may provide or receive, or information you may receive as it is subject to change without notice. You are expected to be prepared mentally, physically, and logistically for hiking in the outdoors (if you are hiking) and for the type of event you are joining. In joining any event you acknowledge you are fully capable and responsible for your own needs as though you never joined the group for the event. Any registration and privacy issues regarding and related to information Eventbrite may be collecting is between you and Eventbrite, not us. You futher agree to release and hold harmless Carson Tang, Carson Worldwide, and any of its assigns from any and all liability and responsibility likewise. By registering or showing up for any event you agree to accept these terms.

**PRIVACY STATEMENT: Any information you provide is used strictly for contacting you to update you on the current event, last minute updates, coordinating room shares, being able to mail you a check if there is a refund transaction, cancellations, et al. Your information is safe with us as we do not sell nor share your information with third party commercial operators. If you request a rideshare we may provide information to the driver who may be able to provide a ride for you (and vice a versa) so that both of you can be connected.

We do NOT employ tracking cookies although Eventbrite may for processing you registration. We also do NOT have AI sniffing through or looking at your behavior for future purchases or sales. Your registration is simply for contact purposes, by us, related to our events only. Al levents require we know who and how many are going to determine what parking lot to use, how many passengers need rides, how many drivers can provide rides and from where, being able to connect drivers and passengers, being able to pair off the same gender where hotel room shares are part of the event, etc.

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