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Career Constructors

Our mission at Career Constructors to help our clients develop the insights, capabilities and tools they need to construct and evolve their own most meaningful career opportunities in our 21st century work world.


Career Constructors works with both individuals and organizational teams to help them thrive in their own careers and in their organizational capacities. We help people and teams develop and grow the critical skills needed to constantly evolve themselves and construct meaningful opportunities in the volatile, ever-changing circumstances we face in our current work world realities.


While everyone’s career aspirations and pathways are different, there are a number of major career phases that most of us go through in our working lives: wanting more engagement in our current roles; working through a career transition; testing out the waters as an “independent”; developing the discipline and business knowledge to thrive as an independent, and finally; developing clarity as to post-retirement purpose and activities.


  • For the general public, we deliver a series of 5 different workshops focused on helping individuals understand and work through the major career phase they are in. Check our website for the schedule of upcoming workshops in your area.
  • Individuals can engage us for one-on-one personalized coaching; we offer a number of fixed price options and also offer a "pay-as-you-grow" option.
  • For organizations, we design and facilitate team effectiveness workshops, and provide executive mentoring and employee coaching. We can customize these offerings to exactly meet the requirements of the organization.

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