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Business Development University

Business Development University offers a comprehensive soup to nuts approach to sales and business development. BDU helps  individuals, sales teams and companies identify and research their ideal prospects, connect with their prospects without traditional cold calling, track and measure their successes, get more appointments and close more deals.


Our methodology is a genuine one. BDU’s core values are based on being authentic throughout the entire process while implementing the following strategies:


•  Understanding the psychology of the “buyer/seller relationship”

•  Prospecting and building the pipeline through Face to Face and Social Networking

•  Following through and Following-up

•  Setting expectations for every interaction

•  Creating clear and open communication lines

•  Having the right conversations at the right time

•  Uncovering the needs and wants of your prospects

•  Understanding your prospect’s buying process, decision criteria and time frame for decision

•  Identifying all the key decision makers

•  Scheduling the next step at every interaction

•  Presenting with prospect’s needs in mind

•  Handling objections and meeting obstacles head-on

•  Closing through BDU’s agreement and solution approach

•  Formulating effective strategic business development plans to maximize productivity

•  We pride ourselves on the fact that we can help you regardless of your level of experience.

•  We offer coaching and training for individuals who want to break into a business development position.


Whether you face the challenge of competing against seasoned sales associates, selling to the non-sales professional responsible for acquiring new clients and building billing hours, or you are a successful salesperson who just wants to take your game to the next level, BDU can help you succeed. BDU is not a “one size fits all” training firm. Our strength is in really understanding the specific needs of a company and its sales team, assisting in building and measuring a program around what is relevant to them, and helping them close more business.

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