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Brides for a Cause

Brides for a Cause is a nonprofit organization that collects and resells wedding dresses to raise funds for charity. Founded originally as a for-profit business in 2012, Brides for a Cause recently become a nonprofit organization in 2016. Funds raised from collecting and reselling wedding dresses are dispersed among a variety of women-focuses charities. In just 4 years, we have collected over 5,000 wedding gowns and have donated over $400,000 to various charities. We are able to make this extraordinary impact because of our amazing donors and brides – so thank you for supporting our mission of selling wedding gowns for charity!

Visit our bridal boutique in Portland, OR or visit us "on the road!"  We make stops in select cities throughout the year with some if our inventory! Shop through our unique wedding dress inventory at our dress sale events.  Learn more at

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