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Boogie Fever


Boogie Fever is a special place for everyone to express themselves and to feel welcomed. Anyone who can not follow this simple rule will be escorted to the sidewalk. PLEASE BE NICE “Mean People Suck”! Thank you for being part of our success and welcome to our family. We appreciate your business.

*The club opens at 8pm. Credit cards are accepted for drink tabs but not door charges, coat check or booths. Booths and general admission tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite via our Facebook page, will hold your booth until 11pm. Click on the events tab and choose your date. Sorry but no refunds. Coat check is available most nights $3. Booths are $100-$200 includes booth & cover for 10 people (seats around 8 people). The $200 baller booth is larger and has direct access to a bartender. We do not reserve individual tables. Those joining you later will need to pay cover which is $5 at 8pm. *Subject to special events or policy changes.
The small print, fun stuff, dress code and rules of order.
• Always over 21. Your younger sister who is 20 will have to wait till next year.
Think Funky not Junky! No sweat suits, joggers, work boots or athletic wear (game day exclusion may apply). Hats are fine.
• If your pants need suspenders, because they hang off your butt…Keep on Truckin’
• No outside food or drink BTW CAKE IS FOOD! Please enjoy these before your arrival.
• Please approach women with charm don’t reach out and grab her arm!
• We don’t play “Let’s make a Deal”. Did your limo driver only charge you half?
• Must have a good attitude and no push-up bras, its False Advertising ☺
• We can’t pull tables together, as the Fire Marshal will get really mad at us!
• Must keep hands and feet to yourself. Get off your phone and get into the groove.
• Politicians may be subject to a “service charge” ☺ Hee hee!
• Listen and be kind! Walk don’t run! Crude or inappropriate behavior towards others will not be tolerated.
Respect others personal space and don’t boogie in their square!
• No crying or arguments amongst friends and PLEASE don’t be that “high school” drunk person.

We can not allow a patron to enter or remain on our premises if you are exhibiting the signs of intoxication (slurred speech, swaying, staggering or stumbling, AGGRESSIVE or ARGUMENTATIVE). Safety First!


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