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ASCENSION PLATFORMS is an educational channel for Spiritual Awakening, Energy Channeling, Self-Mastery and Gaia Ascension. Sharing meditations, activations, seminars, workshops, weekly talks, practises and activities, retreat programs and practitioner certified trainings.

Events and programs are available through attending in-person, online live streaming and pre-recorded videos/audios.

Led by High frequency Spiritual Teachers, Self-Mastery Mentors, Wayshowers and Galactic Channels, you will be guided and given the tools and knowledge to awaken your divine essence, embrace your Unity Consciousness, and transform your timeline reality to its highest potential of enlightenment and harmony.

We All participate to the higher shift in consciousness, and we focus Now on its expansion and acceleration.
Together we send our Signatures of Unity, Love, Harmony and Enlightenment along the path of the Gaia Ascension on the New Earth.

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