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Who is Andre Koen?
 Andre Koen is an energetic presenter, a powerful communicator, and a dynamic teacher.  There are many words that describe him. The most illustrative is, “Andre, the Enkindled Spirit”. Andre is a diversity trainer in Minnesota. He provides 
face-to-face and online courses on diversity education including leadership development, empowerment training, cross-cultural competence, sensitivity training, anti-racism training and team building. Most of his clients include professionals needing continuing education credits. His weekly blog includes ideas for controlling, removing, and fighting discrimination. Koen also offer one-on-one training and coaching. 

Andre helps government and educational organizations manage and train staff, employees, and clients on diversity issues without blame, fault or guilt. His organization understands that people are doing the best they can with what they have, yet encourages them to examine themselves, explore other cultures, and become allies for others. Koen works to move people's behaviors not by pushing them or making them feel guilty. His courses teach individuals to dissect, analyze, and making meaning of the issues that challenge us in a fair, balanced way that people can hear and understand. He motivates individuals to create something collaboratively.

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