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Acropolis Boston

Welcome to Acropolis Boston. We are a non-profit School of Philosophy based on a classical tradition. Our goal is to help individuals realize their potential, better themselves and the world around them.

To encourage collaboration and cooperation amongst diverse groups and individuals in an effort to make a positive change in the world today,

To offer a comparative approach to better understand ourselves and the world around us by applying timeless and universal principles for effective action today.

To promote the discovery of the very best within ourselves and to nurture it in others.


Acropolis Boston is a modern day school of philosophy. To make a meaningful difference, we propose an integrative program of philosophy, culture and volunteering. Through the practical application of timeless wisdom, our approach encourages a better understanding of ourselves, and a great appreciation for others and the world we live in.

If you want to meet the philosophically inclined who are curious about the world, seeking the happiness that comes from self-discovery, and are interested in exploring life’s most perplexing questions, join us!

Philosophy means "love of wisdom." It holds the key to unlocking the highest expression of ourselves and living life to the fullest. It embraces the dream of a new and better world. Through philosophy we learn how to make a real difference for positive change.

Some of the philosophies we study and discuss: Pythagoreanism, Neoplatonism, Theosophy, Buddhism, Stoicism, Confucianism and others who brought about real progress in civilization.

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