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Tana-Maria M., FP&A and Commercial Finance Manager: "The speakers were outstanding – interesting, knowledgeable, energetic and believable – I find myself thinking about what I’m going to change and improve in my work in the reporting area, and most definitely do a quality check of our KPIs.”


William H., Chief Financial Officer: "Thank you to the presenters for really informative presentations.”


Carlos R., Finance Director: "Excellent presentations with an invigorating approach to choosing the right KPIs aligned to your business goals. All three (presentations) together work very well and could change the business managing and reporting landscape.”


Anastasia M., Performance Manager: "Brilliant presentations and lots to think about going forward. Thank you.”


Luigi L., Senior Manager/PMP: "Three very interesting sessions that helped me think and see the BI/Analytics world from another angle: effective, pragmatic and straight to fulfill the end-user needs. Inspiring.”


Dillan H., Finance Director: “Great presentations. Thank you to all three speakers. Very informative.”


Gary G., EPM Consultant: "An intelligently crafted event. Three speakers each presenting their part of an overarching story. Excellent.”


Julia T., FP&A Consultant: “Great presentations, enjoyed the event.”


Nicolas M., Finance Manager: “Great presentations on KPIs and Business Intelligence. Many thanks.”


Bradley D., Director of Finance: "Thanks for a well-organized event. Great speakers and helpful content.”


Gabriele M., FP&A Professional: “Very informative presentations. I really enjoyed the event.”


Jan V., Senior ERP Specialist: "Very interesting seminar by excellent speakers! Started with KPI definition for your organization, then defining value-added dashboard reports... We will definitely explore the tools and techniques shown and how we can use this in our company.”


Davey H., BI Consultant: "I enjoyed every minute of the day. Platinum+ quality presentations.”


Philip O., Analytics Specialist: “The speakers know their subject inside-out, and their enthusiasm is infectious.”


Enrico D., ACCA/FCCA: “Brilliant, thanks for organizing and for leaving us with great food for thought!”


Liam B., Chief Executive Officer: “Thought I knew it all. Learnt plenty. 3 awesome presentations.”




About 4D Promotions/Solutions Inc.

4D Promotions advocates the Results-Orientated KPI System (ROKS), the free-to-use International Business Communication Standards (IBCS), and the Jedox Planning, Analytics and Performance Management platfrom.


4D founder Mike Fritz, has over 30 years of business experience, primarily in planning, budgeting, forecasting, analytics, business intelligence and corporate performance management. Mike's passion is travelling the globe for business and pleasure, spreading the word on innovative new technologies and best practices, and building business and personal relationships with like-minded professionals around the world. Mike's experience includes hosting and presenting dozens of awareness events around the globe, on various topics, which has allowed him to build a personal network of over 20,000 business professionals across Europe, North America, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.


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