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3CSN’s Theory of Change

If we provide training on networking and we use action research methodologies, community college professionals will transform their environments and identities to create communities of practice that will produce powerful learning and working across campuses. This will lead to greater student success.

3CSN’s Mission

Develop leaders in California community colleges who have the capacity to facilitate networks of faculty, staff, and students for curricular and institutional redesigns in support of increased student access, success, equity, and completion.

Values and shared assumptions

  • Everybody (students, faculty, staff) has the right to ongoing, sustained, and rigorous learning experiences to further their personal, educational, and professional growth.
  • Learning is a network forming process: connections and relationships are crucial to the learning process.
  • Deep learning and leadership are facilitated by maintaining:
    • An appreciative inquiry mindset, i.e., curiosity about what’s possible  
    • A growth mindset, i.e., a belief that change is possible.