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1940's Ball NFP

“The birth of this ball began in the 1940s, when founder Khyentse James' grandparents met at a Pennsylvania radio station (WCDL Carbondale). Her grandmother was a singer and her grandfather became an announcer upon his return from World War II duty. Years later, their love story inspired Khyentse's passionate interest in the culture and music of the 1940s that brought her grandparents together. It was when Khyentse was working at the Boulder Airport and earning her pilot's license that she got the idea to hold an event in the large hangar to celebrate that culture.


The event saw huge success and media coverage in its beginning years and now the 1940s World War II Era Ball is a vibrant and fun-filled community celebration of the Swing Era.  Don your classiest dancing duds and join in this celebration of the style, culture, music and spirit of the Swing Era. Circa-World War II vehicles and planes will surround the large, open hangar of the Boulder Airport under the stars of the warming, summer evening.  Don't be afraid to get your boogie woogie on at this popular appreciation of the patriotism, energy and upbeat grooves that earned this special time in history the title of the Greatest Generation.” -Josie Klemaier Weekly Plus


In addition to the summer ball, we also produce the 1940‘s White Christmas Ball--please visit the link for more info. Because of this tremendous response we formed the 1940’s Ball NFP -- a non profit organization that manages the two events.  The summer and winter events help pay for the non profit’s operating costs, staff and event development.  After these expenses are paid, all net proceeds are donated to The Wounded Warriors Project and The Spirit of Flight Center Colorado.  Since our inception and including the summer 11’ ball we have donated over $16,000 to our past charities!


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