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Powerful Solutions for Political Fundraising Events

Organize and host political fundraising events, campaign rallies, candidate meet-and-greets, and more with ease using Eventbrite’s built-in tools and technology.

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Provide your attendees with an end-to-end seamless experience, from RSVP invitations to fast event registration and a simple two-step checkout, Eventbrite makes it easier than ever to set up and host your political event.

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    Reach and engage more of your target constituents.

    Eventbrite Boost provides a digital marketing platform to grow voter engagement, traffic to your political event page, and beneficial news coverage for your political fundraiser.

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    Grow attendance and political campaign fundraising.

    Successfully plan your political events and exceed your fundraising goals by focusing on five essential planning steps to organize and host a successful political campaign fundraising event.

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Organize a political fundraising event that exceeds expectations

Eventbrite empowers political event creators to be experience makers with built-in tools, resources, and innovative fundraising ideas developed from more than 2 million events every year.

Our political event solutions integrate all the components needed to seamlessly plan, promote, and produce successful political fundraising events, while reducing roadblocks and unnecessary costs.

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Cutting-edge event technology for streamlined political fundraiser event planning

Eventbrite’s comprehensive event management and online registration software provides an intuitive, easy-to-use toolkit to manage your entire political fundraiser event workflow under a single platform.

Take advantage of how-to guides and customizable templates for political event invitations, targeted fundraising emails, and post-event lead nurturing campaigns to compel attendees to donate money to your cause or candidate.

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Intelligent political event management powered by data-driven decision making

Our powerful suite of customizable reports and dashboards illuminate event performance insights that help creators plan and host more successful experiences for attendees.

Beyond advanced analytics, the Eventbrite platform provides built-in intelligence and a wealth of proven strategies and political fundraising ideas from thousands of event creators like you.

Be inspired by proven best practices from political fundraising pros

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Take a virtual test drive

Learn how to produce a successful political campaign or election event with a series of short demo videos illustrating innovative approaches to planning, promotion, and end-to-end management.

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Free political event planning resources

New to the political campaign event planning space? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with innovative ideas, tips and tricks, and best practices from our seasoned subject matter experts.

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Get in touch with us

Hosting an online political fundraising event for the first time? Unsure how to plan an election rally for your candidates? Schedule an informal chat with one of our seasoned event experts.