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The simple way to plan community and fundraising events

Community leaders and volunteers all over are making their lives easier by using Eventbrite to simplify the process of bringing people together.

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  • All-in-one event planning solution

    event planning solution

    • Set up a sign up page in minutes
    • Send email invitations
    • Track signups
    • Collect credit card payments
  • Sell tickets and collect donations 24/7

    Sell tickets and collect
    donations 24/7

    When people can register online, your volunteers can spend time on other projects.

  • All-in-one event planning solution

    Simple and easy to use
    for any event

    Organize fundraisers, auctions, parties, meetings, performances, retreats, workshops, and community events of all kinds.

  • All-in-one event planning solution

    Totally free for
    free events

    Use Eventbrite at no cost when your tickets are free. We'll only charge a small fee if you're collecting payments. Get started!

Why Eventbrite?

Chances are, you're already an event organizer. From community events, to PTO meetings, to school fundraisers, you're volunteering to help send out event information, keep track of RSVPs, and collect donations.

Eventbrite is a ticketing platform that makes managing events and organizing fundraisers easy. It's flexible enough that you can use it for all the events you work on - big or small. Creating an event page is fast, and Eventbrite will store all of your contact lists so you don't have to fuss with keeping the sports boosters separate from the troop mothers.

"Eventbrite's RSVP and ticketing software was so easy to use, that it freed up our committee's time to spend on other important areas in creating a successful fundraising event."

— Miss Jean
The Village Well 501(c)3

"The most important part of my charity events is keeping track of guests. Eventbrite is the easiest solution for tracking this data - from who you invited, to who plans to come, to who actually came."

— Kim Prince
Help a Mother Out