How to create an online course

Connect with your community online. From virtual crafting classes to Zoom fitness sessions, you’ll discover all the tools you need to create your online course with Eventbrite.

How to make an online course

Bring your audience together — from anywhere in the world. With Eventbrite’s customizable event pages, advanced marketing tools, and Zoom integration, it’s easy to access the tools you need to create an immersive online course.
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5 steps to creating an online course


1. Share your passion

Whether you’re passionate about yoga, coding or crafting, tapping into your talent is the best place to start your planning. Thanks to the flexibility of online events, you can create a customized course to share your skills and inspire others.


2. Find your people

From music live streams to virtual cooking classes, online courses are the perfect way to power your community engagement. With Eventbrite’s marketing tools, it’s easy to find your audience.


3. Get creative

The secret to an immersive online course? An interactive experience. Take a creative approach to your virtual events to delight your attendees — whether that’s inviting audience participation or supplying materials.


4. Keep attendees happy

Make sure to consider audience experience in a virtual setting. Whether you’re conducting tech walkthroughs with guest speakers or setting up reminder emails, there are a range of ways to keep your attendees happy at your online event.


5. Spread the word

Create your customizable event page and your own professional ticketing system, then reach out to your audience with personalized invitation emails and social media. With Eventbrite, selling tickets to your online events is smooth and straightforward.

How to create an online course to sell

Discover tips from our creator community

Think outside the box

CraftJam founder Nora Abousteit wanted to recreate an authentic workshop experience online — while also widening access for those who might not have art materials at home. The solution? CraftJam enhanced their online courses by sending curated collections of crafting supplies to their attendees, creating a fun and immersive virtual experience.


Create an inclusive online space

Volunteer-run network QTI (Queer, Transgender, and Intersex) Coalition of Colour hosts a range of online workshops on self-care and mental health. To make everyone comfortable, attendees are welcome to keep microphones and cameras off to help those with social anxiety feel encouraged to participate — resulting in an inclusive online space.


Experiment with new ideas

Arts and culture magazine BOMB discovered that online events were a perfect way to experiment with new possibilities to connect with their audience. At one online workshop with visual artist Dindga McCannon, many participants sent in the collages and sculptures they had made, growing the magazine’s connection with its creative community.

What software do I use to create an online course?

From Zoom integration to advanced marketing tools, there are many software options you can use to create your online training course with Eventbrite.
Class registration software

Online class registration software makes it easy to connect with your audience across the globe. With our user-friendly platform, attendees can register for your course, workshop or webinar in seconds.

Video hosting platforms

Eventbrite’s software to create online training courses includes a range of video hosting platforms for seamless integration. Use Zoom, Vimeo, Facebook Live, YouTube or Twitch to host your online course.

Advanced marketing tools

Expand your audience with free custom email invitations and social sharing. After your course, you can easily analyze sales and attendee data with our reporting tools to inform your next event. For extra tips, check out Eventbrite Academy.

How do I create and publish an online course?

Creating and publishing your course is easy with Eventbrite. To set up your online event, simply sign up and create your listing in minutes.

Create your online event page

Select ‘Create Event’ in your account, and set the location of the event to online. Next, write a compelling event description to attract your crowd.


Add links and resources

Include all the resources attendees will need for your workshop or webinar — such as video links and online reading materials.


Publish your page

Once your page is published, it’s time to find your people with Eventbrite’s marketing tools.

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